Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where has the month gone?

Hey check it out folks! Digital Candy is having a Designer call!! Good luck to those who apply.
So where has the month gone? It seems like it has flown by. I guess cause I been busy working all the time. I swear I never get a break. But surprisingly I am off this weekend and Danny's family is having a reunion this Sunday. I been trying to get my mojo working and trying to create some layouts but my brain hasn't been very cooperative.
Well, they're hiring some new people at work, so there goes all my hours!! I like having a lot of hours cause that pays the bills.
Sone's, not doing so great in school still. I thought maybe it was him needing to get back into the swing of things from the summer but I just don't know anymore. He's totally not trying at all. I was doing laundry the other day and I found a note that he wrote on. "I want you to be my girlfriend" that totally saddens me because I just feel like he's growing up right before my eyes.
Bella is being her typical self. Temper tantrums, whining, and wanting everything she sees on tv. She's getting bigger and bigger. She wears a 5 in most things. She just can't lol. She's my baby.
Danny and I are doing pretty good. I'm actually becoming more and more happier as the days progress, but I still have doubts.
Hey guess what. I've worked on some LO's.
Kit: Sunshine Studios Scraps "Mother's Love Collab"
Staple: No Room For Grey by Retrodiva Tracy Collins
Word Art: Leap Frog by Nicole Seitler
Font: Baskerton
Kit: Crystal- CrystalBella Scraps & Amy Breazeale "Party Hat Freebie"
Font: Blue Plate Special SW

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Armina said...

hi.. there's the code working, hidden in of of my layout. the layout "I" made.. :)