Friday, August 29, 2008

Change of life.

I am slowly but surely realizing that life is short and there are many things that I have to learn. I learned a lot about my husband in the past few months that I never thought he could possibly do to me. We were seperated for a few months and are now back together but its simply hard to move on and its hard to pretend like nothing happened. I was lied to, cheated on, and hurt tremendously. He honestly doesn't know the hurt he's done to me but I ask myself is it possibly worth all the hurt and the emotions to keep my marriage going. I don't understand how one person could say they love me and in turn do the hurtful things that he's done. In time I may forgive but I will never forget! I just hope that my heart mends a little faster. I just want for this to all be behind us and graps onto the life we had before. I honestly do love him but still feel in my heart that he'll hurt me again. I guess only time will tell but until then I will just have to keep my head up high and stay strong to forget the bad memories and look forward to the new memories that we will share as a family.