Friday, February 1, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

Ok so last night it started raining and its still raining today. I know we need the rain but I just feel so lazy when it rains all day lol. I feel like I should laying on the couch cuddling up with my daugther.

Took my son to the dr yesterday too. He woke up Monday night crying cause he said his hand hurt so of course I thought maybe his hand was asleep. He sleeps on his arms. So next day he was playing with his little sister and he kept telling her to watch out for his infection. I was like "HUH" what infection. He showed me his little finger and OMG it was so swollen. So, I put some peroxide and bandaid on it. So finally got to take him to dr and he said that its been going on for a while. I was confused. Monday was the first day he had said anything. The infection was under his finger nail!! The cause of it is, he pulled a hang nail and it got infected. I didn't know he did this. So now he's on antibiotics and I gotta soak his finger 2 times a day in epsom salt. So note to moms make sure to tell your child if they got a hang nail to have nail clippers and cut it.

Well I did work on a LO a couple of days ago. Of course it was a challenge in Digital Candy

Credits: Tattered~designs by krista
She does wonderful work! If you like the kit I used stop by her blog and leave her some love!!

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